S/N Quality Detail How We Assess Quality
1.       Design Adherence

All design elements shown in the picture of the ordered design, must be present in the produced item

–        Mirrors Design

–        Visual inspection

2.       Textile Material Grade

The grade stated in the work order must be used

–        Texture comparison with Swatches of known quality

–        Appearance

–        Expert opinion (textile merchant/in-house SME)

3.       Perfect Darting

Whichever darting is chosen must be carefully and properly executed

–        Mirrors Design

–        Identical on both sides (where applicable)

–        Measurements around the darted section are achieved

4.       Smooth Stitching (Stitch lines must be smooth)

The Stitch lines whether curved or straight must not zig-zag

–        Visual inspection

–        Measurement with Ruler and French Curves

5.       Threads blending in

Whatever thread is used must be a Colour that blends into whatever it is used to sew e.g zippers, appliques etc (UNLESS IT IS DIFFERENT BY DESIGN)

–        Visual Inspection
6.       Double Band Cuts On Dress Interior

Double the bands on the interior of light clothes (especially in areas that should not be transparent)

–        Visual Inspection
7.       Finish Seams Before Joining Garment

Ensure seams are finished properly before a section is joined to another

–        Visual Inspection
8.       Insert Secondary Seam

Ensure there is a second seam line 1/2 inch out from the agreed measurement (on either side of dress). In some cases, a tertiary seam 1 inch out may also be required. This will allow the dress to be expanded if the customer has added weight since the order was placed.

–        Visual inspection and Tape measure
9.       Iron as you Join

Iron clothing after joining each section

–        Visual Inspection
10.    No Loose Ends on Interior of Dress

No loose ends on Zippers, trimmings etc.

–        Visual Inspection
11.    Allowances at Hips, In Crotch and Armpit

Give Allowance of 1 inch, 1.5 inch or 2 inches for Crotch and Armpit depending on if the person is small, medium or large

For trousers with pockets: At the hips give the allowance of a palm’s thickness at the wrist (this is to simulate the allowance for putting hands in pockets)

–        Tape Measure
12.    Measurement Adherence

Measurements adherence( except in above stated allowances) must be to within half an inch

–        Tape Measure