Who Are We?

You are unique, so is your style. At, we aim to open a door to a new world of Elegance and Luxury where the sophisticated and curious, the creative and unique can All find themselves.

Adimara was conceptualized in 2018 as an e-commerce platform to showcase the incredible variety and unsung creativity of African fashion and designers.

Before this could happen, we had to innovate and perfect our quality systems to ensure the most convenient and rewarding experience possible for our customers.


What We Do

what we do

In the course of painstakingly seeking perfection and innovation, our offerings have become imbued with the Art and Elegance of Luxury, while retaining the Quality and Comfort our customers value.

African Flare, Sublime Quality, made for those who value the timeless and unique, those who spread their arms and embrace their dreams.

To keep our promise we employ contactless measurement technology, which ensures perfect fit, virtual dressing rooms, so you never have to guess at how good you look. These technologies compliment our best in class quality systems and 24-hour customer services, which allow us to guarantee our products and make every journey into our new world an immensely rewarding experience.

Our existence is defined by putting the Customer First, Uncompromising Quality, Creativity and Innovation.

We invite you to come with us and Find Yourself…