Our time has come, Customers, Designers, Tailors, Creatives, Fashion Professionals of African Couture!

It is time to be seen and heard round the world, for our designs and haute couture to be the resplendent flag of a new dawn where the beauty that lies within us takes its place in the array of colours that define this world.

People have yearned all over the world to enjoy the breathtaking creations of African designers, but many creative individuals who would satisfy these demands either lacked the capital or quality to deliver the beauty they could create.
Adimara has come to empower you, whether you are a lover of African couture, an up and coming fashion enthusiast in your home or an established designer with shops on the broad street, we welcome you to utilize this platform to enjoy African creativity and (for designers) establish globally.

Customers: Browse through the many beautiful creations displayed, submit measurements and place orders
Designers: proceed to the “partner with us” page of our website, enter your details and we will contact you with information on how to submit designs and design details for display and begin receiving orders around the world. We provide a payment platform, delivery services and quality control to enable you meet the requirements of the international market. For established and upcoming designers alike, this is our added value to your existing business structure, you can never have too many channels to sell your goods after all.
We hope you enjoy your time with us, once again Welcome to the World of Adimara!


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